Cash Management

Our bank can design the right cash management program to meet the needs of your business. Your Relationship Banker will work with you to tailor a solution that addresses day-to-day balance management, short-term liquidity, and longer term investment needs. We offer products that minimize risk and optimize your cash flow. Products include:

Checking Accounts

Hanover business checking accounts provide a gateway to your funds. Set up account access through Hanover Business Online Banking, and link other business accounts.

Savings and Money Market Accounts

Savings and Money Market Accounts can provide interest on your working assets. Receive a competitive interest rate on your Hanover funds while having the safety of FDIC insurance (balances up to $250,000). Choose to have a No annual Fee ATM/Debit Card that give you and your key employees 24 hour access to your accounts.

Online Banking

Hanover online banking services is a complete online banking solution. Whether you want to check balances, transfer between accounts, stop payment on a check, or pay bills, online banking provides maximum flexibility and ease of use. Access can be provided to the employees of your choice with different levels of accessibility.

Merchant Services

Hanover Merchant Services offers credit card processing at excellent rates with 24/7 support. We can offer full service payment processing including credit/debit card processing, check authorization services, point-of-sale systems, gift/loyalty/store value cards, online reporting, a full line of wireless and terminal hardware, QuickBooks and accounting integration tools, and round-the-clock customer service support.

Remote Deposit Capture

The convenience of Hanover Remote Deposit Capture service will allow you to make bank deposits directly from the workplace, wherever that workplace may be. Gain quicker access to your accounts by depositing your checks daily, gain valuable time by eliminating trips to the bank. With leading-edge technology, you can simply run your checks through a tabletop scanner, and then use those digital images or image replacement documents to present and clear inter-bank checks. The web-based software automatically balances scanned check totals against the deposit amount, simplifying deposit preparation. An essential tool for your business, remote capture helps reduce your trips to the bank and gives you faster access to your money through same day deposits.

Quicken / Quickbooks

Accessed through online banking using the bank's routing number, see your financials all in one place.

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