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Hanover Remote Deposit

What is Hanover Remote Deposit?

  • It's a TIME and COST SAVING web based internet solution that allows you to deposit checks from your computer desktop, from one computer or multiple computers anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • To use Hanover Remote Deposit (HRD) all you need is a Hanover Community Bank (HCB) business checking account, a Windows based PC, and a check scanner which will be provided to you by HCB.
  • "There is NO LIMIT to the number of deposits you can make.*

How does Hanover Remote Deposit work?

  • Enrolling is easy. A HCB representative will help you to achieve your goals by analyzing your business trends and enrolling you in the program in a few simple steps. **
  • The proper scanner, depending on your volume, will be ordered for your preferred place of install and a time will be scheduled to set it up and show you (or your designated employee) how to scan checks, set authorization levels and use other features of the scanning software.
  • After scanning checks-both sides are scanned at once-you can view the images.
  • "You receive an online confirmation via e-mail once your checks are deposited.

What will Hanover Remote Deposit cost?

  • No Cost for a 90 Day Trial Period
  • Per Item Deposit Fees will be reduced to $0.30 per check/deposit slip
  • After the initial 90 day trial period your usage and trends will be analyzed to determine if this program is of value to you and your business.
  • A monthly service charge will apply for the scanner after the introductory period has expired. The monthly scanner service fee will be based on average monthly balances in the account assigned to the Hanover Remote Deposit. Other deposit and set-up fees may apply.

What are the advantages of using Hanover Remote Deposit?

  • Enables you to scan checks up until 6:00 pm local time on any business day for same day posting to your account.
  • No need to travel to the Bank to make daily deposits.
  • Easier account reconciliations and more efficient workflow.
  • Reduces account fees and paperwork by consolidating your accounts at one bank-no need to maintain multiple accounts across business locations.
  • Save on transfer fees and wire fees between accounts at multiple banks.
  • Eliminates the need to photocopy deposited checks.
  • All check images and your transaction history are password protected and encrypted.
  • Allows you to run reports to view your history in order to import data to your accounts receivable program.
  • Reduces risk of check fraud.

How can I get Hanover Remote Deposit for my business?

  • Call 516.248.4868 to speak to a dedicated Hanover Community Banker and learn more about Hanover Remote Deposit. You can even schedule a Free Demo.
*Only U.S. Dollar checks drawn on a U.S. financial institution accepted for deposit.
**Your Hanover Remote Deposit (HRD) enrollment is subject to approval.

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